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Because a shooting in the city is and should remain unacceptable, shocking and outrageous, and thusly always worthy of front-page news.
Once the condition of the firing pin and spring have been thusly checked out, depress and hold the pin inward Examine the pin's holes in the breech face under magnification.
Munson has been recognized for her work on behalf of a tribe in southern New Mexico, thusly awarded the Managing Partner Pro Bono award.
A scouting report on him would read thusly: "No power, no serve, no kill shot." Yet he was a top player in open competition throughout the 1960s and 1970s and in the masters division during the 1980s.
After collating a team of collectively likeminded, and thusly weird, individuals we got started on writing the script."
The text collects these writings, thusly offering a unique and lively view of army life in the late 19th century.
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He explains the result thusly: "As in actor-network theory, the older sibling wants to dominate when he goes into his younger sibling's backyard to create order; as in boundary object theory, the younger sibling years for a fair go that is relevant to his or her desires and aspiration.
Bookended thusly, the row of panels implies lateral expansion--a kind of opening-out on either end--and deferred resolution.
He described it thusly: "If you come through our front door, you're greeted by something similar to what a lot of high-end hotels have, which is a concierge representative who can really just be there to assist you with finding your way around health care systems.
Eventually, I was called as traffic thusly: "Regional Jet 1234, traffic is a Cirrus at 10,500 feet, above the Class B, I'm talking to him, but that's why your climb is restricted to 10,000.
Bird perception of another kind is highlighted in an intriguing story on Page 9, which posits that some birds get a sense of a busy road's speed limit and time their escapes from oncoming cars thusly. A problem arises for these birds when people speed, which may not leave enough time to fly away.