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The researchers thusly recommend a cents-per-pound pricing method vs.
He makes Alex almost believable and the teenage audience for whom this audio book is intended is thusly rewarded.
Answering questions that come up for all young school age athletes, "Michele Smith's Book of Good Softball Cheer: A Practical Guide to Developing Leadership Skills in Softball and In Life" is deftly written and inspiring, and thusly highly recommended for any young girl softball player to be and for community library sports collections.
That the singer is known only thusly is no coincidence: The band--a sort of KISS meets monsters hybrid--thrives on the mystery surrounding the real identity of its members.
The pleasant young lady I spoke to answered my questions thusly, "Yes, they are one-to-one scale.
But as I said, being thusly enamored with the thrills and spills of something like the Thunderbolt or the Tornado (at the Coney Island of my childhood) tends to dwindle as one embraces the charms of good old down-to-earth stability and a stomach that's not thrown out of whack by one or more precipitous dives.
Drivers will thusly be able to live in the best of both worlds while still saving fuel and keeping the world greener.
She believed that knowledge and understanding of these subjects were necessary for the complete person and, thusly, the complete dancer.
Smith, an expert in 'gender, religion, and politics in early mediaeval Europe' sets out in this study to show that 'the dynamic transformation of Europe's cultures between Antiquity and the Middle Ages is of fundamental significance in its own right' although she is hardly the first to argue thusly.
The commission is putting forward legislation which will standardise automatic gearboxes on motorcycles in order to encourage more controlled acceleration and, thusly, lower emissions.
Many of Kelly's examples are thusly only hinted at by cryptic, teasing citations, but he knows for sure that, for instance, we lack Chaucer's Book of the Leoun and Pope's Alcander.
Thusly does his 1975 recording of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto strike me, a classic example of allowing the music to speak for itself.