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Smith, an expert in 'gender, religion, and politics in early mediaeval Europe' sets out in this study to show that 'the dynamic transformation of Europe's cultures between Antiquity and the Middle Ages is of fundamental significance in its own right' although she is hardly the first to argue thusly.
The commission is putting forward legislation which will standardise automatic gearboxes on motorcycles in order to encourage more controlled acceleration and, thusly, lower emissions.
Many of Kelly's examples are thusly only hinted at by cryptic, teasing citations, but he knows for sure that, for instance, we lack Chaucer's Book of the Leoun and Pope's Alcander.
Thusly does his 1975 recording of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto strike me, a classic example of allowing the music to speak for itself.
Thusly the Atlantic clique moves up another couple of notches on the game board.
We have developed some health problems, and thusly, we are tired.
CADRs by model are listed thusly on the Web site: Access Business Group, AquaRainbow, Bemis, Bionaire, Blueair, Casablanca, DeLonghi, Electro-Air, enviracaire, Family Care, Friedrich, General Electric, Holmes, Honeywell, Hunter, Kenmore, KingNeptune, Mitsubishi Electric, Rainbow, Sharp, Vicks, Vornado, W.
gt; A different league, a different series, a different lede, but a same-old same old solecism in the close: "a top scout for the Marlins assessed his team's chances thusly.
Garrett interprets Spinoza's conatus doctrine thusly and contends that when read along these lines, the argument for that doctrine avoids a number of otherwise apparent equivocations.
Although I do not personally support this action at this time, as a soldier, I feel a certain despair in watching my Allied brothers-in-arms engaged thusly without our support.
Carried thusly, they may be snicked off the belt clip in a heartbeat for use as a hand-held light, or instantly attached to a pistol.
My roommate, who was as I was--a Negro--greeted me thusly, eyed me suspiciously, couldn't understand why there was to be some ancient, unrelated Caucasian gazing down upon us from the wall.