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Collectively, these findings indicate that considering the role of psychological need thwarting could further our understanding of the mechanisms contributing to ill-being beyond simply a lack of psychological need satisfaction.
In those instances when feelings of frustration and alienation are most intense, the student will view the thwarting to be personal; to be intentionally directed at the student in a way that is undeserved, at least from the student's point of view.
They will not be thwarting me, they will be thwarting the will of the Executive and senior ministers.
Security personnel can build a proactive layer of protection at the perimeter of airports, other transportation hubs, ports, large venues, commercial high rises - virtually any location where thwarting explosives and assault weapons threats is mission critical.
Tunis, Ramadan 30, 1437, Jul 5, 2016, SPA -- Arab Interior Ministers Council strongly condemned the terrorist bombings that took place in Madinah, praising the performance of the Saudi security forces and their success in thwarting these barbaric acts.
Peshawar, July 21, 2010 (Frontier Star): Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ameer Haidar Khan Hoti has paid tributes to courage and bravery of security personnel for thwarting an attack of terrorists on Punjab Regiment Center training area in Mardan and annihilating them.
Valley VOTE sees such an action as thwarting the will of the voters, but Butcher said that is not the case.
He indicated the thwarting of a second attempt in another flight to smuggle 909 grams of cocaine by a woman inside her bowels.
Police have arrested a ring of six sophisticated shoplifters who stole $100,000 in merchandise by thwarting security sensors, officials said Thursday.
EFP plans to employ additional means of thwarting naked short selling in the coming weeks.
From impeding, thwarting, frustrating or interfering with the