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of patients Percentage (%) beedis smoked <10 yrs 6 20% 10-20 yrs 12 40% 20-30 yrs 11 37% >30 yrs 1 3% Table 6: Peripheral arterial Pulses Arterial Pulsation Absent Weak Normal Dorsalis Pedis Artery 30 Anterior Tibial Artery 30 Posterior Tibial Artery 28 2 Popliteal Artery 20 8 2 Femoral Artery 3 27 Table 7: Extent of the disease No.
Birds were manually restrained, and indirect blood pressure measurements were obtained by placing a cuff around the limb proximal to a Doppler ultrasonic flow detector held over either the basilic or cranial tibial artery.
Brachial, radial, and ulnar artery were examined from the upper limbs and popliteal, anterior and posterior tibial artery from the lower limbs.
With the patient prone, the posterior tibial artery can be palpated (immediately posterior to the medial malleolus) and used as a landmark.
The ABI measurement involves comparing systolic blood pressures of the upper extremity brachial artery with systolic blood pressures of the lower extremity, including the anterior or posterior tibial artery or the dorsal pedis artery.