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'A ticket - a little tikkut to Umballa - O Breaker of Hearts!' She laughed.
'Not only was it sufficient for the ticket, but for a little food also, ' said Kim, leaping to his place.
"Here, Brown, catch hold." And he hands the ticket to Tom, who pockets it.
I'll get some more tickets, and we'll go anywhere you like."
Let me take your ticket and see your luggage labeled: I only ask leave to be your traveling servant.
The young gentleman, at the same time, offered tickets to Miss Nancy and her mother; but the good woman would not accept them.
Several pupils had a few yellow tickets, but none had enough -- he had been around among the star pupils inquiring.
"We'll be impatient until you return with the tickets," said Christie graciously.
She started early to her first lesson that she might have time to buy the tickets, hoping, as she put a five-dollar bill into her purse, that they would n't be very high, for she felt that she was not in a mood to resist temptation.
'Tickets at the bar, Sir,' interposed the waiter; 'half-a-guinea each, Sir.'
"Thar's some tickets in that ar old cracked jug on the top shelf," said Dinah.
I procured a local directory, put fifty tickets in my pocket, dressed myself in nankeen pantaloons and a sky-blue coat (then the height of fashion), and set forth to tout for dancers among all the members of the genteel population, who, not being notorious Puritans, had also not been so obliging as to take tickets for the ball.