ticket in construction zone

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Country: United States of America
State: Texas

I received a speeding ticket in a construction zone. The speed limit was displayed on an "advisory" type (black and orange) type of warning road sign. The officer was with the Pasadena, Texas police department. I called the Pasadena Traffic department and was told that the ticket was "non-enforceable" and that the officer was probably confused. I was advised to plead not-guilty. I went to the arraignment and requested a trial by jury. I am scheduled for a pre-trial hearing in February 2006. Specifically what is meant by "non-enforceable"? Generally, what are my options at the pre-trial hearing? E.g., can I request to change my choice to trial by judge? What latitude does the pre-trial prosecution attorney have? Can he/she throw out the ticket, and for what reasons?


It still may be enforceable if the officer can show and prove why he believes you were speeding...you can argue the sign was not accurate and it was actually another vehicle that was speeding etc.--
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