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value The legislation will make it an offence for ticket touts to use "bots" - software designed to buy tickets before ordinary custom ers have a chance.
She said: "Yet again, when another high-profile event is announced, ticket touts are able to harvest thousands of tickets in a matter of seconds and sell them on again at ridiculous prices.
Mr Watson is a member of a cross-party group of MPs campaigning for a crackdown on ticket touts.
POLICE believe ticket touts will try and cash in when Olympic football comes to Coventry.
Summary: Four suspected ticket touts have been charged as part of a clampdown ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
NINE people were prosecuted for illegally trading on the street after an operation to target ticket touts on Chester race days.
TICKET touts will be kept away from Wimbledon with the introduction of a temporary dispersal zone.
Organisers of the Dubai Tennis Championships are warning fans to be on their guard against ticket touts targeting this year's event.
IT'S ironic that band-of-the-moment the Arctic Monkeys have become victims of eBay ticket touts.
Ticket touts should face the full force of the law for selling tickets to cricket matches at Edgbaston at inflated prices, a city MP has said.
Forget ticket touts - hotels in Wales' capital are being accused of fleecing FA Cup Final fans by charging up to THREE times their usual rates.
GREEDY ticket touts were left with handfuls of Irish soccer tickets after being outsmarted by Albanian supporters.