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TICK, contracts. Credit; as, if a servant usually buy for the master upon tick, and the servant buy something without the master's order, yet, if the master were trusted by the trader, he is liable. 1 Show. 95; 3 Keb. 625; 10 Mod. 111; 3 Esp. R. 214; 4 Esp. R. 174.

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If a punch in the face is a penalty and a ticking off - I thought it was an automatic red card - and a player who drops his shoulder into someone lying on the wrong side gets a yellow card.
Staff gave her a ticking off but Ellie was polite and dealt it with it well
He might have got away with it except that he delivered this ticking off in India.
He always wore a tuxedo and rigorously enforced the dress code - ticking off John Lennon and George Harrison for their sloppy attire.
But as The Open is not a tour event it looks like he will just get a ticking off.
But how can the police just give a ticking off to boys aged 10 and 11 when they have robbed a dying man?