tidal wave

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The amount of sexting and access to porn and the prevalence of sex in our society and use of social media, that tidal wave online will hit us so anything that can be put in place will help us in the long-run.
We also want the residents to be free from flood and tidal wave, he exclaimed.
Other ways of generating tidal wave energy exist as well.
The tidal wave swamped areas near the coast for a few hours, leaving hundreds of people stranded in their homes, but the main highway leading to the airport was not affected.
And the Associated Press Stylebook, the most popular arbiter of newspaper style, actually warns that tidal wave is "often used incorrectly" to refer to a sea wave caused by underwater earthquakes, landslides or volcanoes--exactly the kind of wave that occurred in the Indian Ocean.
The newspaper has teamed up with the Unicef charity to try to raise vital cash for food, medical supplies and emergency shelters for the thousands left homeless by the quake and tidal waves.
At that moment a tidal wave came in and swept him straight out to sea.
A Kyodo News reporter in Lhokseumawe, who took refuge to a hill after his house was hit by a tidal wave, reported seeing thousands of Acehnese evacuating to higher ground.
The executive director of Cultivation Ministries, a non-profit corporation that supports adult and teen leaders among Catholic youth ministries, presents Make It Real: A Practical Resource for Teen-Friendly Evangelization, a straightforward guide for Catholic evangelists seeking to compete for teenager's attention agains the tidal wave of popular culture.
Nor does China, which fears a human tidal wave across the Yalu River.
My remarks were aimed at the tidal wave of Anglo-American culture which is threatening to swamp Wales and the world.
The body itself, particularly the adult body, with its baggage of psychic wounds and scars, seems to be long gone, apparently the victim of a tidal wave of brown that's mucked everything up, as in Restless Stillness, 1991, which features the remains of a body felled and, Pompeii style, petrified by the stultifying ooze.