tidal wave

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The World Bank, which has been monitoring flooding and tidal waves in Jakarta, warned last week of a 1.
Matthew Moore, a 32-year-old car salesman, had gone on the 'holiday of a lifetime' to take his mind off a recent divorce, but was stranded as tidal waves swept into the hotel where he was staying.
I grabbed a mango tree when the tidal wave tried to sweep me away.
The tidal wave warning was issued based on a new system introduced in 1999 that divides coasts nationwide into 66 forecast areas, with forecasts of expected tidal waves sectioned into eight levels ranging from 50 cm to over 10 meters.
This new series, exploring the damage caused by extreme weather conditions around the globe, begins with on-the-spot footage and eyewitness testimony to probe the destruction caused by tidal waves.
From the digital transformation of health care and the "rapidly escalating tidal wave of the Internet" to getting ready for Gen-Xers, they share their insights on what they see on the horizon for physician executives.
While average prices for Manhattan residential real estate - both multi-family as well as individual co-op and condo units - have been hitting record levels for the past 24 months in a row, and even though there is a strong demand by developers for construction funds, one has to be cautioned that the next wave of commercial financing will not come in form of a tidal wave.
And the result has been a dangerous tidal wave of money going from one side of the globe to the other.
I like to think about the effects of Madeleine's abduction from us nine days ago like a tidal wave.
It was like getting hit by a tidal wave,'' she said of his retinoblastoma diagnosis.
The tidal wave that struck Phuket was about 8 to 10 meters high, according to the Thai Natural Resources Department.