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Talking exclusively to a private news channel ,he said that 'CPEC brings glad tidings for the Pakistani and Chinese people and also for the entire region which include Middle East and South Asian states.
As a retired editor of the Glad Tidings magazine of the Women's Missionary Society for 24 years, I am pleasantly surprised to read the words of David Harris in the July/August issue.
The glad tidings of victory are emanating from Aden on these blessed days, thanks primarily to God, and then to the Saudi leadership of the Arab coalition and to heroic Yemeni fighters," Shaikh Abdullah tweeted to his 1.
The rains have brought pleasant tidings for the winter.
Christmas Tidings" is a charming child's Christmas book filled with holiday verse and simply expressive illustrations of attributes of Christmas that begin with the first letters of the title, "Christmas Tidings.
He unrolled the scroll and found the passage where it was written: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to bring glad tidings to the poor.
Coventry binmen are left wondering what happended to traditional tidings of comfort and joy.
There will be lots of festive family fun which is sure to get you in the mood for the season of good tidings - including Santa's Grotto, tombola, toys, refreshments, a festive bonanza stall, cakes, Christmas goods and gifts.
The verse where Allah The Almighty says:"O People of the Scripture, there has come to you Our Messenger to make clear to you (the religion) after a period (of suspension) of messengers, lest you say, There came not to us any bringer of good tidings or a warner.
Tess Daly, presenter of Strictly Come Dancing" "I have bad tidings.
THERE will be tidings of comfort and joy as Vinea hosts mulled wine and carols.
An NBC source said that arrangements have been made for Lauer to interview the former vice presidential candidate live about her new book, "Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas," the New York Post reported.