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The media tie-ins have their Star Trek conventions, but they are isolated from the larger s.
Audio scripts for adult advertisements emphasized food taste, price and portion size, whereas the children's ads focused on movie tie-ins and free toys.
And with its stunning range of topics (early Greek fascination with flowery perfumes, the intriguing number patterns found in nature known as Fibonacci numbers, the relationship between colors and emotion) it offers many interdisciplinary tie-ins between science and other classes such as world studies, math and health.
You can get bargains without tie-ins, but they are generally more expensive.
OK, we've got the plush toys taken care of, the Silly Meal tie-ins wrapped up, and the clothing line will be in stores soon.
But each weekend's movie is cartoonish with special effects and product tie-ins, from big-gulp cups to happy-meal action figures.
While several other magazines have lent their names to credit cards, none has created the wide range of product tie-ins you'll find with the Southern Living Visa card," said Hallett Johnson, vice president/director of circulation for Southern Progress.
The contract involves the plugging and abandonment (P & A) of eight wells, removal of platforms and conductors, and abandonment of pipelines and subsea tie-ins.
Many of its competitors, with weaker tie-ins to the mobile OS, do not," he wrote in the IDC report.
As Oscar night approaches, area restaurants are announcing special promotions as tie-ins to the movie awards.
That's why we don't support a total ban on redemption tie-ins.
Manufacturers hoping for a boost from orders for Millennium tie-ins have so far been disappointed.