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Addressing American serials and their tie-ins such as The Perils of Pauline, and Selig's The Adventures of Kathlyn (1913), in both their original and adapted contexts for American and French audiences, in addition to French series and serials such as Gaumont's Fantomas (1913-1914), it becomes clear that the consumption of the diverse elements that make up the "film serial" was and is a highly immersive yet varied experience, for both the viewer contemporary to the initial serial craze and their modern equivalents.
Orange County, CA, March 29, 2011 --(PR.com)-- BrianGeary.com has posted a list of tie-in ideas for April news release topics.
Not only do commentators on children's literature tend to ignore television tie-ins as a phenomenon but also, when discussing significant individual works of juvenile fiction, they seldom highlight any books within the television tie-in category.
Offshore installation of the 2.2 km bundle system is scheduled for 2011 with tie-ins in 2012.
This is how Titan company, which is currently in charge of cleaning part of the Bulgarian capital, and its subsidiaries have submitted bids for a total of six zones by forming three tie-ins and is a sure winner.
March to Glory, like many other movie tie-ins, feels sloppy and rushed, just so it could hit the shelves at the same time as the film hit the big screens.
City planning staff also have ideas for other complimentary tie-ins with the Borealis project.
Included in each package are the DVD Skytheater, featuring movies and web tie-ins; the Starry Night software: and a teacher's guide.
Work was still under way on the movie version of Arthur Golden's best-selling novel when executives at Sony Pictures met with an array of fashion and beauty companies to create tie-ins that are notably more sophisticated than most.
Throw in a multiplayer mode for good measure and you've got one of the best movie-wrestling tie-ins to date ( are there any others.
Chapters cover everything from movie tie-ins to publicity and promotion arms to acquiring a screenplay, financing a production, assembling actors and directors, and assessing expenses at every step of the way.
Earth 911 is urging the recycling and reuse of the movie's marketing tie-ins.