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On either hand were long black tiers of colliers; between them vessels slowly working out of harbour with sails glistening in the sun, and creaking noise on board, re-echoed from a hundred quarters.
The EPA estimates that by 2010, Tier 3 standards will reduce NOx emissions from diesel engines by about 1 million tons per year, an effect similar to taking 35 million passenger cars off the road.
During this period, I used to joke that focusing on being a Tier One was primarily a "guy thing," and that most industry participants would do anything possible to avoid being relegated to a Tier Two or Tier Three position.
In the top tier, which is about 2 [micro]m thick, the cuticle forms an imperfect honeycomb pattern and contains thousands of air-filled cylinders, each roughly 240 nm in diameter.
In addition, it strengthens the definition of regulatory capital by incorporating longstanding Board policies regarding the acceptable terms of capital instruments included in BHCs' tier 1 or tier 2 capital.
Can the data of a Tier 1 application be moved to SATA RAID for use and analysis?
Open and agile systems should be the mantra of Tier I acquisition with a fixed and inflexible production date under a single government and contractor leadership.
ASSEMBLY FOR EACH TIER: The 14-inch cake tier will be made up of 3 (14-inch) cake rounds stacked as follows.
Tier II contracting represents a different kind of opportunity.
Second, our scheme offers a pragmatic alternative to the technical and ethical concerns raised by the EDSTAC recommendation to move to extensive multispecies testing directly after the Tier 1 screening, without first recognizing the value of partial life-cycle (PLC) tests, which use fewer animals.
Yet Pickard expects his Alliance to deliver something unique - a "one-stop shopping" source for Tier One and Tier Two automotive components.
Using RTI's existing telemetry system for the company's Total Oil Management (TOM) program, RTI will collaborate with Global Tier to upgrade the TOM system interface to a software platform that monitors industrial kitchen appliances around the clock.