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TIERCE, measures. A liquid measure containing the third part of a pipe, or forty-two gallons.

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45 tierces, and 127 barrels Porto Rico, all sold, at 34s.
Sugar, 60 casks, 60 tierces, and 280 barrels of Dutch crushed lumps, at 29 to 30 tl.
In 1840, the vast majority of the fish exports from Montreal and Quebec went directly to Britain, with only 356 barrels of herrings being exported to other British North America colonies, as well as 266 hundredweight of codfish, 31 barrels of herrings, 24 barrels of mackerel, and 140 tierces, 36 barrels and one half barrel of salmon to the British West Indies.
According to the cargo manifest listed in the Port Phillip Herald, the cargo of William Salthouse included nearly 150 casks and boxes of assorted sizes containing at least four different species of dried or salted fish: 59 casks of dry cod fish, 26 tierces of No.
We can also infer that the contents were very unlikely to have been salmon, which was almost all contained in tierces (50 cm diam).
Quelque 100 hectares faisant partie du foncier de la wilaya d'Oran ont ete cedes a de tierces personnes, annonce-t-on chez les services concernes de la wilaya.