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Hex Tie was founded by designer and CEO Enrique Alejandro Peral in 2014.
Chiefs: Kansas City will clinch the AFC West with a win over the Dolphins, or a tie and a Chargers loss/tie, or a Chargers loss.
For many men, it's all about the details--such as cutaway and brightly colored tie bars, or traditional ones in gold and silver styles.
The Coventry Blue Coat Church of England School and Cardinal Newman Catholic School have both just changed uniform rules so that all school ties must be clip on.
Senol Adakoglu, a representative of the Ankara Company that produces the ties, said all the wearer needs to do is zip up to tie the tie.
Plaud said he tends to associate with people who are liberal and many wear bow ties.
1980) ("Tying is said to have no other purpose or effect and thus offends antitrust values in two respects(:) by foreclosing competitors of the seller from fair access to that part of the market for the tied product which is foreclosed by the tie, and by reducing the range of choice open to buyers of that product.
Pete Doherty managed to pull uber-babe Kate Moss in his Eighties shirt and tie, so take that as inspiration.
A call for ties to be abandoned in the workplace was welcomed by a civil servants' union yesterday as workers across the country went open- necked to cope with sweltering conditions.