ties of family

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New advances in the theory of evolution allow us to envisage the possibility of an extended altruism that transcends the ties of family and tribal proximity," he writes, "and emphasizes the fact that human beings are essentially 'super-cooperators.
But, equally, there are strong emotional ties of family, culture and shared history that bind us to our friends in the rest of the UK.
Thanksgiving Day can be used not only to celebrate ties of family and friends, but also to plan ways that your next garden will include more of your own-grown produce.
At the time of Jesus it was an address directed to a powerful patron (possibly one's own father) whom one could count on to be gracious because of ties of family or covenant.
Elarabi commended Saudi Arabia's role under the leadership of King Abdullah in spreading the ties of family affinity in the Arab world, which, in turn, has served as the basis for social awakening and progress.
In this new series, he argues that the civilisations of the past were dynamic, chaotic and based on an extraordinary idea - that people could live and work together in dense urban settings, and forge new allegiances that replaced the previous ties of family, clan and tribe.
TIES of family and friends have won over the pull of the party for Jaya Bachchan.
Gareth Davies, estate agent at Watts and Morgan, Cowbridge, said young professionals in their twenties and thirties are the group likely to move house the most, as without the ties of family, they're free to follow job opportunities around the country.
The treacherous lives of the imperial sons were probably not too much different from the lives of royal families in other cultures in premodern times, when power struggle weakened the natural ties of family.
Clearly, the ties of family, friends, and culture are not enough to negate the economic advantages of leaving.
An Albanian, he has lived in Italy for five years but has maintained, both conceptually and sentimentally, his primary ties of family, friends, and culture.
In this fully realized historical novel, Taylor--the recipient of many awards, including the Newbery Medal--explores the powerful emotional conflicts created when the binding ties of family love and the dividing walls of caste clash.