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Tricellulin forms a barrier to macromolecules in tricellular tight junctions without affecting ion permeability.
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The results of the Western blot, which showed significantly higher expression of tight junction proteins in the MSCtreated group at 24 hours after ICH induction, suggest that suppression of acute hematoma expansion may be due to PD-MSC-mediated enhancement of the endovascular integrity of brain microvasculature in a relatively short time.
Increased Gut Permeability in [Lep.sup.ob/ob] Mice Associated with Reduced Tight Junction and Mucin Gene Expression.
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In the present study, we demonstrated that KIOM-2015E inhibited the downregulation of tight junction proteins such as ZO-1 and occludin and improved the dysfunction of the intestinal barrier induced by IL-6 and DSS.
Tight junction visualization studies demonstrated that SLN nanoparticles are capable of opening tight junctions.
A previous high-scale analysis suggested a novel interacting protein that could associate to the nNOS PDZ domain: the tight junction protein Claudin-3 (Stiffler et al, 2007).
The type of dietary fat modulates intestinal tight junction integrity, gut permeability, and hepatic toll-like receptor expression in a mouse model of alcoholic liver disease.
Associations with tight junction genes PARD3 and MAGI2 in Dutch patients point to a common barrier defect for coeliac disease and ulcerative colitis.