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3) Robert Hetzel (2009, 2012) is one of the few Fed officials to consider the possibility that excessively tight money might have contributed to the Great Recession.
The problem we suffer from now is lack of demand, not tight money.
Tight money and weak confidence will combine to hold growth of overall private sector spending below 3 percent year-on-year through 2003.
Olshansky: Tight money is a reality, to be certain, but it's not an excuse.
Herrick, Feinstein even formed its own mortgage banking company to alleviate the tight money crisis.
Krugman says this policy of tight national budgets and tight money supplies is folly, reminiscent of economic conditions in this country during the Hoover Administration, conditions which prolonged the Great Depression.
Echoing Lipton and Shafer from earlier sessions, she stressed the importance of tight money in turning confidence around.
This puts the Fed in the position of punishing "too high" stock prices with tight money, dangerous territory for monetary policy and the economy as whole.
Strouse seems to accept, without really supporting, Morgan's views that economic consolidation was necessary to promote efficiency; that centralization and de facto private regulation was required to calm overly turbulent markets; and that tight money (through maintenance of the gold standard) advanced U.
When a government uses tight money policies, as Canada has, there are side effects.