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I sincerely hope that Boris Johnson will do as he promised and keep a very tight rein on the finances.
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke reiterate efforts to keep a tight rein on the financial crisis in his congressional testimony later in the day.
There is a "determination" to keep a tight rein on the pounds 9.3 billion budget and to garner public support for the event, according to Mr Brown.
JAMES DOYLE, who rode Baylini to an embarrassingly easy victory at Lingfield last week, was obviously confident of a quick follow-up, as he was looking round for dangers before the home turn in the 1m2f handicap at the same course, with the horse under a tight rein and disputing the lead.
However much the present Beijing government would like to keep a tight rein on developments, and blend the best of community planning with market forces, today's reality is more like the free-for-all 'Manchester capitalism' which Friedrich Engels described at the beginning of Britain's industrial revolution.
The improvement reflects higher sales, improved productivity and "continued tight rein on costs", LEGO Group said.
In contacting several larger handlers of nonferrous scrap, many say they have quit trying to comprehend the market and instead are focused on keeping a tight rein on the movement of material.
She keeps a tight rein on footnotes, obscure scholarly language, abstraction, and theological speculation.
He holds a tight rein on his shepherds, who seem eager to do his bidding, and he is removing any hint of brokebacklash from the herd.
Knowing the financial sacrifices they had to make early in their marriage, the Lipfords are making sure their three children keep a tight rein on their finances and avoid the same pitfalls.
(engine cud quinus) Gone in a flash--but you won't know it until it's too late--you've got to keep a tight rein on them.
In C Division, the Merlin's bowlers kept Samuelsons' batsmen under tight rein as the visitors struggled to 64-8, Sutherland taking 3-17.