tight situation

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If you need to shoot the gun in a tight situation, stroke the trigger in one fluid motion to the rear in DA mode until it fires.
William Coen, deputy secretary-general of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, has hinted that banks have only themselves to blame for their tight situation with regard to increased supervision.
We got a bit of support before the season started but it was never going to be enough to see us through the season and we are now in a tight situation once again," explained club chairman and manager Damon Shaw.
But then after England were twice set revised Duckworth-Lewis targets thanks to rain interruptions, Bairstow and Bopara made light of a tight situation.
Compounding this tight situation, Malaysia's offshore production facilities have been running at full capacity, exerting tremendous pressure on gas production systems.
The increasing trend of population growth in the region deteriorates the tight situation of water supply and serious development plans in the sector has become an undeniable requirement in Iran.
The price hikes are leaving cafe owners in a tight situation If we because we've already lost a lot of custom because of the recession so upping our prices is only going to put more people off.
The Prime Minister said that keeping in view the current financially tight situation, the ministries should adopt cost effective measures and give priority to the near completion projects.
The points talked about include the tight situation of liquidity in the market.
The in-form Wirral club still has a chance of a top-two finish in a very tight situation but must win their final two outings and rely on the failing of either Loughborough Students or Macclesfield.
Coming in here as one of the favourites, Djokovic proved this beyond doubt on Thursday when he clawed his way out of a tight situation to clinch a three-set thriller against Ivan Ljubicic.