tight situation

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However, according to Bancud, the said measure is not enough to help the affected farmers given their tight situation.
"In the same way that the National Government is putting up a catch up program so that the tight situation in the first and second quarters can be addressed by the third and four quarters." Guinigundo said the drivers of growth in the second quarter, and the six percent GDP assumption, will come from the government's spending.
Despite financially tight situation, it is heartening to see that the new government extended first relief to the masses by reducing the prices of different petroleum products by up to 5.6 percent.
KARACHI -- Jahanara Alam, who scored the winning runs off the last ball (over bowled by India captain Harmanpreet Kaur) in the recently concluded Asia Cup says she loves to play in tight situation. On Sunday Bangladesh needed two runs off the last ball to win the Asia Cup final and the number 8 batsman could snatch the victory even though her team lost two wickets in successive deliveries just prior to the last ball.
The 30-year-old Manuel said Sunday evening he just hopes that Abueva can get through the tight situation and plunge back into action.
The Rakhine police chief said on 14 February that his understaffed police force is 'in a tight situation' as it must assume responsibility for a variety of duties, including: providing a security presence at court proceedings; guarding banks; and providing security during the recent visits of senior government officials and foreign diplomats.
If you need to shoot the gun in a tight situation, stroke the trigger in one fluid motion to the rear in DA mode until it fires.
William Coen, deputy secretary-general of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, has hinted that banks have only themselves to blame for their tight situation with regard to increased supervision.
But Pires still believes in the manager to make the best of a financially tight situation and bring the best out of his players.
Visiting the Middle East in light of the tight situation in Gaza, Ban called all sides to stop violence, extending condolence to the family of those killed in Gaza.
"We got a bit of support before the season started but it was never going to be enough to see us through the season and we are now in a tight situation once again," explained club chairman and manager Damon Shaw.
"Compounding this tight situation, Malaysia's offshore production facilities have been running at full capacity, exerting tremendous pressure on gas production systems."