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Officials are being tight-lipped about blame until the result of an investigation into the sinking of the Cheonan is announced next week.
Sir Anthony Hopkins is keeping tight-lipped over the date for his visit to a South Wales town to unveil the statue of his comic hero.
"We're being quite tight-lipped on this project because we think we've got a technology advantage," says Smith.
The city is planning on having a press conference in the next few days, which means they were tight-lipped about the details.
Swansea were tight-lipped when it came to revealing Jackett's destination, but it is understood he has gone to assess and then compile a report on one of the Dutch teams.
Though the currently single Tallaksen is tight-lipped on the details of the show, he does promise, "It's going to be awesome.
Anecdotally, the Bush administration has earned a reputation for secrecy, whether it be from tight-lipped Cabinet officials or then-Attorney General John Ashcroft's 2001 recommendation to the Executive Branch that it err on the side of non-disclosure while processing Freedom of Information Act requests.
Peter Pan premiered a few years after the death of Queen Victoria, but the society which so rapturously received the play was still largely distinguished by that unnatural combination of tight-lipped circumspection and slobbering sentimentality which we recognize as Victorianism at its unexamined worst.
The Spaniard was expected to make a decision yesterday, but his camp have remained tight-lipped about the severity of his wrist injury.
Villa and Mr Ansell were keeping tight-lipped last night, although the decision to leave comes after Mr Ellis said last month that he would determine how much cash the club would spend in the January transfer window.
It's all here in a tour de force that will have experienced heads laughing, then nodding in tight-lipped "been there" agreement.
Last night the band was keeping tight-lipped. Clearly it was a case of mum's the word.