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At the height of his leap the rope tightened taut on his neck, causing him to describe a somersault and fall heavily to the floor on his side.
A small net percentage of banks tightened standards on conforming loans, while small handfuls of banks on net eased loan standards in the other categories.
A net tightening is a positive DI which means there are more banks that tightened their lending standards than those that eased their lending standards.
The first toilet tightened up easily, but the second one was another story.
The BSP survey showed banks similarly expecting to impose tighten loan standards in the second quarter for household and real estate loans, after already having tightened in the first quarter of the year.
"We've been noting the commercial real estate market -- banks have been continually tightening and I think that's a good thing as long as it's not tightened abruptly," Bostjancic said.
Fed's Senior Loan Officer Survey: banks generally tightened standards for commercial real estate (CRE) loans over the past three months, according to the Fed's January survey.
The Indian central bank has said that it has tightened norms for directors of privately owned banks.
Philippine banks further tightened credit standards for loans to enterprises and households amid perception of stricter financial system regulations, the deterioration of the profile of corporate borrowers, and reduced tolerance for risks.
Survey respondents reported that credit terms offered to counterparties, both in the provision of finance collateralised by euro-denominated securities and in OTC derivatives markets, tightened for all counterparty types when comparing the three-month reference period from December 2016 to February 2017 with the previous three months.
The last step is just to make sure they are all down tight, in case the base shifted slightiy as the next one in line was tightened down.
During initial installation the tube nut should be tightened until the correct size gap gauge no longer fits in the gap between the end of the tube nut and the fitting body.