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But in an age of swingeing cuts and tightening belts, a sheep's pluck from the butcher - most of which would usually be sold as dog food for around pounds 2.
It won't just be the laid off who will be tightening belts, but the worried still working, cutting back just in case it will be their turn to walk the plank next.
With retirement savings in jeopardy, banks fearful to give loans and employers tightening belts and laying off workers, it's essential that we all start saving.
She said: "Where other firms are slashing budgets, tightening belts and almost, to my mind, lowering their heads to try to weather the storm, the team and I are standing tall, ploughing investment into the business and driving it forward.
At the WBJ, we hear a lot of people discuss the importance of not jumping into anything real fast and tightening belts.
With economic concerns on everyone's minds, tightening belts is becoming a way of life for many.
At a time when most in the sport are tightening belts and battling budgets - or, in the case of the Chandler family, waving the white flag - Rachel Corden and the Nottingham exec have taken a leaf out of the Irish book and invested heavily - to the tune of pounds 750,000 - in upgrading its upper tier.
Conversely, tightening belts means less scope for diverting attention away from an unhappy marriage.
Among these is the anticipatory Pre-Safe system which constantly monitors chassis dynamics and in milliseconds anticipates a crash, tightening belts, closes windows and moves the passenger seat into the optimum position for airbags to work.