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There is a vast difference between a lack of equipment due to enemy action and a penny pinching, tightfisted, incompetent, corrupt, war mongering Government not supplying the equipment in the first place
The $558 billion restaurant industry is hitting rough times, squeezed by many of the same woes affecting other sectors of the economy: tightfisted consumers, scarce credit and surging commodity prices.
Indeed she accuses him of being tightfisted, dull-as ditch-water and with a shocking taste in clothes.
In the same chapter, God says: "Do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother.
He also said the DAV is "very concerned about another tightfisted budget in fiscal year 2008 and its impact on the needs of our nation's veterans.
Most people can characterize the way they handle money in familiar terms--big spender; penny-wise, pound-foolish; tightfisted.