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Most people can characterize the way they handle money in familiar terms--big spender; penny-wise, pound-foolish; tightfisted. Jordan E.
Well, they've certainly done their bit to banish Scotland's reputation for being tightfisted ...by splashing the cash (taxpayers' cash) on globe-trotting.
Mark Rubin seems a pompous, secretive, tightfisted, repressive bully.
This may explain why Osaka white collar workers' average outlay for lunch was [yen] 730, compared to a tightfisted [yen] 680 for Tokyo.
Had it succeeded, we might have seen millions of tightfisted air travelers descend on Washington to demand a tax amnesty for embattled Priceline.com.
The book was published in 1993 but, being a tightfisted type, I waited until it came out in paperback.