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When, after his hasty nuptials, the peasant reflects on what he has done, he becomes possessed with a jealousy that is the natural corollary of his tightfistedness.
For Americans, perhaps the most galling aspect of the Japanese failures on reparations is the contrast between the tightfistedness toward war victims displayed by the Japanese government and the generosity with which the U.
Yet there is no thrift, no tightfistedness, in O'Faolain's account of herself.
In this example, a partner's tightfistedness might be discussed in terms of his or her need to actively save money in order to feel safe and comfortable in the world.
For example, Gurr and Ichikawa say that Heywood "was also a lot more demanding over staging than Shakespeare, whose tightfistedness in his personal finances may also be reflected in the economy of the demands he laid on his company for staging his plays" (45).