tightly knit

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Superior coverage of the growing hedge fund client segment is a critical part of the success of CSFB's FX business, and doing it well requires experience and proven ability to work in a tightly knit global team," said Klaus Said, Global Head of Treasury Products at CSFB.
Allan Ulrich, editor of Dance Matters, responds: No amount of talent can or will excuse behavior that is unprofessional or demeaning to colleagues, even in the tightly knit ballet world.
While China's tightly knit leadership circle cites the NPC as a democratic forum that allows input into national governance from the wider populace, real power remains within the party core.
Lastly, it presents a tightly knit study solidly based on good archival sources, using clear quantitative techniques.
We plan to use the Prague Summit to improve the Alliance to make it more capable militarily, better able to secure the peace and more tightly knit across the Atlantic.
Widespread incongruity has existed--even among the tightly knit urogynecology community--as to how to manage obstructive voiding after surgery for stress urinary incontinence.
All the musical forces blended well, as they should, in a tightly knit ensemble that made any consideration of particular passages or performances seem trivial.
Hollins added: "We are putting together a tightly knit squad of quality players, which bodes well for the new campaign.
The work environment will be geared around the tightly knit family structure of our company," Shabtai said.
But Weir is careful to show us the sometimes claustrophobic closeness of tightly knit communities, along with the price of sharp boundaries between those who belong and those who must go elsewhere in the world to find a place.
Fortunately this course did not sink, but neither did it become as tightly knit a community during the semester as it did afterward when the students opted to revise their innovative papers over a six-month period for a Library Trends issue on folkloristic approaches to library and information science.
But while Cruz for years would maintain a heterosexual facade--he was even engaged to a woman from 1975 to 1980--his real identity was perhaps the worst-kept secret in Guam's tightly knit political community.