tightly knit

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Indeed, it may well be that men of goodwill like Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, and George Bush, who sincerely want a larger community of nations living at peace in our world, are in reality unknowingly and unwittingly carrying out the mission and mouthing the phrases of a tightly knit cabal whose goal is nothing less than a new order for the human race under the domination of Lucifer and his followers.
Human kind for the last 200,000 years has survived and thrived by organising in tightly knit groups with shared goals.
We are especially pleased to be investing in Belleville, which is a tightly knit community that really cares about the future of the town.
Remember that tightly knit clothing is warmer than loose-knit, and wool is warmer than cotton.
It's all part of the effort to create a tightly knit community at the new school.
Every time we have a baby elephant the family grows and becomes even more tightly knit.
a recent readjustment of architectural priorities within the tightly knit world of museum trustees and directors has had one obvious consequence: Rem Koolhaas is out; Renzo Piano is in.
Allan Ulrich, editor of Dance Matters, responds: No amount of talent can or will excuse behavior that is unprofessional or demeaning to colleagues, even in the tightly knit ballet world.
While China's tightly knit leadership circle cites the NPC as a democratic forum that allows input into national governance from the wider populace, real power remains within the party core.
Lastly, it presents a tightly knit study solidly based on good archival sources, using clear quantitative techniques.
We plan to use the Prague Summit to improve the Alliance to make it more capable militarily, better able to secure the peace and more tightly knit across the Atlantic.