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Sorry, Mum, I was hoping no one would notice," she looked shamefaced, and then lifted her skirt to flash a shocking cobweb of shredded tights from her right thigh down to her knee.
In the advertisement, one picture showed a thin woman stretching the tights over her hands while another picture showed a model with both her legs in just one pantyhose leg, according to various reports.
Black velvet one shoulder dress [euro]14, belt [euro]6, faux fur scarf [euro]15, boots [euro]23, rings [euro]3, tights [euro]2
Cheap Tights - Between the tights and the Primark polyester skirt, I'm a walking, talking taser gun.
com 3) Capezio tights available from Just For Kix, $16.
You wouldn't think it but tights can be used to make key rings, bracelets, necklaces and more trinkets.
WHEN director Mel Brooks made the film Robin Hood: Men In Tights it made fun, among other things, of the idea of blokes dipping into the hosiery drawer.
Featuring anatomical fit, warm Roubaix fabric and single density thermoformed pad, these tights are perfect for shorter winter rides.
Up to seven million viewers will watch as Bianca, 25, tries to convince Lord Alan Sugar to say: "You're hired" after he hears her business plan to market skin-tone tights.
Even though she wears granny tights, Jamie Rubin, 43, fits no one's definition of dowdy.
A black swimming costume You will need: | - A black swimming costume - Two pairs of black tights - Cardboard - Headband - Stapler - Black permanent marker - A black eyeliner What to do: ||Pop on your black tights and a|black swimming costume over the top.