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We are looking forward to seeing her on the new season." -Ginna Foster, Owner of Pink Tights Black Leo.
"I wore flesh-tone tights and shoes with Oregon Ballet Theatre, dancing Chocolate and Coffee in The Nutcracker.
The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly wears (https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/5537818/kate-middleton-genius-tights-tip-keep-high-heels-fiver/) John Lewis tights that have built-in sticky pads to prevent her from sliding and slipping.
In the bizarre clip, the flight attendant, whose name badge is visible, holds the tights and two pairs of shoes to her nose and says: "I wish you could smell this."
Cardiff High School came under criticism recently for making girls wear tights as temperatures rose to 30degC.
Now members of the school's parliament have met with school governors to discuss school uniform and asked whether tights can be made optional from September.
PUPILS and parents at a city school are complaining that girls have to wear tights with skirts, despite the baking hot temperatures.
But before you pull on your pantyhose, you might want to consider what your tights say about you.
Having a ladder in your tights isn't something women are usually happy about but there could be an upside to ruining a pair of tights, and that is what the jewellery handcart workshop to be held on Wednesday plans to teach us.
Black tights, PS5 and leather strap watch, PS29.50, both M&S.