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Would CRA consider providing guidance to its officers who process online tillable forms on minor variances arising from unseen rounding of figures and encourage these officers to contact the registrants to find a more efficient solution than completely denying the claims?
The "haves" successfully have fenced off the tillable acreage and built their wealth with factories that cause pervasive health problems.
COACH comes with the essential materials educators need to engage in collaborative educational planning, including ready-to-use, tillable forms and tools--now on CD-ROM--to help educators organize goals and objectives, determine their students' learning styles, schedule class activities, and plan and adapt instruction, evaluate the impact of instruction on student outcomes.
The TBP logic model is presented to tribes as a tillable form in a Word document, together with instructions and suggestions.
The landscape, moreover, had been formed by glaciers, which had "left no extensive tillable soils.
In order to expand tillable land, drainage programs were introduced--often funded through various levels of government.
the second nation in total area and the first nation in tillable area.
The 1830 Louisiana Purchase enlarged the area of the country about 140 percent, making the United States the second nation in total area and the first nation in tillable area.
Meanwhile, from the floor vents, hidden speakers emit a blend of operatic vocal and electronic music (collaboratively arranged with Shahrokh Yadegari), and on the staircase landing, ball bearings can be rolled across the tillable inset of a steel drafting table that is miked.
To qualify, a farmer must have more than 50 percent of tillable acres in cereal grains and/or field and turf grass grown for seed in one of 16 qualifying counties, including Douglas County.
Tillable electric resistance furnaces typically come with a hydraulic system and tilting device.
A sharecropper, in contrast, is usually limited to a portion of tillable land, has no maintenance duties and harvests only his share of the crop.