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A few studies have contributed to the understanding of the effects of tillage erosion on the horizontal translocation of CaC[O.
Conventional tillage may better control the pernicious weed, but it also increases soil erosion and threatens long-term soil productivity.
Results also indicated that; conventional tillage may be more appropriate for chickpea in rotation with wheat.
In conventional tillage a large number of serial passes are required for the preparation of land for planting resulting in soil surface bare and uncovered till crop development, this situation exposed the land for wind and precipitation causes soil erosion and nutrient loss [16].
Performances of bed planting system over conventional and the effect of tillage options on wheat yield and yield components;
The effect of tillage on soil bulk density is remains unchanged in deeper soil layers while in deeper soil layers, soil bulk density is generally similar in no and conventional till.
ASABE member Dinku Endale, an agricultural engineer with the USDA-ARS, and his colleagues ASABE member David Bosch, Thomas Potter, and Timothy Strickland compared surface runoff and sediment losses from two common tillage systems between 2000 and 2009, including years with severe drought and heavy rainfall.
In the plots under conventional tillage, the area had been under fallow when the soil was plowed once and harrowed twice.
Low soil fertility is exacerbated by soil fertility depletion through nutrient removal with harvest, tillage, weeding, and losses in runoff and soil erosion [7, 8].
Matt Guenther, a partner with GenNx360, said, We believe Salford, with its strong brand, patented technology and established dealer network, is well positioned to benefit from the growth in the tillage market.
As opposed to a no-tillage treatment, minimum tillage conformed to the needs of the vineyard manager for water management, while at the same time requiring fewer cultivation passes through the tractor rows.
The results of study indicate that comparable mungbean grain yield and nitrogen fixation can be achieved by minimum tillage while avoiding current intensive tillage practices in semi arid Pothwar, Pakistan.