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This missing fundamental is a strong characteristic of the timbre of the instrument.
This article investigates the effect of the vibration properties of a resonance board on the piano's timbre after the vibration properties of the resonance board and the timbre of the piano are measured.
En effet, selon la Loi de Finances Complementaire (LFC) pour l'annee 2014, les Tunisiens qui contractent un contrat de mariage vont devoir payer, a partir du deuxieme semestre 2014, un nouveau timbre fiscal d'une valeur de 30 dinars.
Emily Dolan's The Orchestral Revolution: Haydn and the Technologies of Timbre is one of the latest additions to the groaning shelves of Haydn scholarship.
All taken together, it means that, by its very construction, the production of the piano sound is constrained twice--both by the lack of a "continuous mechanical link" (Solomon 1966: 118) of the hammers with the rest of the action parts, and (unlike the case of vocal emission, or string and bow instruments, or wind instruments, respectively), by the percussive, impulse-wise characteristics of sound production --the interpreter's influence on piano timbre is void for sounds of the same intensity; therefore, the possibility of having timbre differences on an instrument is a "blind superstition" (Balan 1966: 56).
La Poste a aussi emis un timbre commemoratif a l'occasion des celebrations des enfants arabes de "La legion de la paternite arabe" qui caracterise toutes les positions et les attitudes du roi d'Arabie saoudite, Abdallah Ben Abdel Aziz.
Washington, November 2 ( ANI ): Researchers have used mathematical models based on experiments in both animals and humans to accurately predict sound source recognition and perceptual timbre judgments by human listeners.
com, en los sistemas Aspel se configura el servicio y al grabar una factura, automaticamente via Internet se gestiona el timbre digital para que en cuestion de milisegundos se tenga el CFDI.
El timbre es a su vez multi-dimensional: por un lado, para describir un timbre cualquiera, usualmente se usa una gran cantidad de palabras derivadas de la percepcion de quien califica el sonido (brillante, opaco, sucio, denso, fuerte, etc.
The Choral's trademark booming timbre was at its most solidly awe-inspiring in the mighty double chorus of the Sanctus, but elsewhere there were some awkward accents - presumably to help the choir get through fast-moving passages such as the Credo's Amen and the Pleni sunt coeli section of the Sanctus - and the overall dynamic was relentlessly loud and therefore counterproductive.