time interval

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Ratio of a base signal to wavelet decomposition node 2,1 at time interval II.
[t.sub.a,m]: travel time of link a [member of] L in time interval m [member of] {1, 2, ..., M}
Twelve disc-shaped specimens (5 mm x 25 mm) were prepared for each group (pink) and clear acrylic) and stored in distilled water sealed glass container at 37AdegC at time intervals of 1, 2, 6, 12, 24 hours and 1 week.
These abrupt slope changes make it difficult to determine local slope of the cumulative volume versus time interval curve.
The mean serum copper, cobalt, zinc, iron and manganese levels did not differed significantly (P[greater than or equal to]0.05) within and between all treatment and control groups including overall mean at different time intervals (Table 3).
As shown in Figures 3 and 4, the smaller the time interval is, the more powerful the displacement and contact force oscillate.
At 6h time interval the keratinised mucosal layer was easily scrubbed off and serosal layer was separated with slight mechanical assistance.
--Generation of grid noise maps and statistical noise maps for the [L.sub.den] and [L.sub.n] time intervals, this time with the addition of noise barriers to the model.
Table-2: Age, time interval between the appearance of the tumour and admittance, and tumour diameter according to the differentiation of the squamous cell carcinoma tumours.
For the network traffic in a future time interval, calculate its Hurst coefficient, and compare it to the corresponding threshold.
Time interval: Oligocene-Miocene boundary (Chattian-Aquitanian).