time of life

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Stiggins a preliminary tap on the head, and began dancing round him in a buoyant and cork-like manner, which in a gentleman at his time of life was a perfect marvel to behold.
I am as well as I can expect to be, my lady, at my time of life.
8221; - a unique free resource empowering people with the ability to effortlessly share a gift beyond price with their loved ones - at any time of life.
at my time of life do I need to be auditioned by county councillors whether I'm fit or not to be president?
MIDDLE age is the most miserable time of life, a study has found.
With you I share a time of life marked by physical suffering, yet not for that reason any less fruitful in God's wondrous plan.
At a time of life when others might consider easing their pace, Guest plans a full schedule for 2004.