time saving

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She hopes that Time Saving Art Projects for the Busy Teacher will be a great help for art teachers affected by the budget cuts in schools and parents with limited financial resources.
SIR - The brochure for the proposed HS2 train is claiming a journey time saving of about 30 minutes between London and Birmingham.
As per Jeff Birdsell, ReverseVision Product Manager, The new appraisal service is an incredible time saving feature for our clients and will be a major asset in our already streamlined process of creating reverse mortgage loans .
To enter your time saving suggestions, email timesave@arriva.
Pyrolysis is said to be a well-established method for the analysis of complex non-volatile, chemical materials and provides a time saving alternative.
Strongly recommended reading for especially active people (particularly busy mothers), It's About Time: Time Saving Tips For Everyday Home Or Away, by Schar Ward is an imaginative exploration of the difficulties in managing time, and how to properly do so.
95) features time saving basics, customization tips, and details on digital art fine-tuning.
All ConvaTec skin-care products, which include the Aloe Vesta[R], Sensi-Care[R] and Septi-Soft[R] lines, are formulated to be simple, cost-effective and time saving.
Since they are busy doing so many things, marketers need to offer them time saving devices that allow them to do even more with their time.
March 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- After the successful release of her first book of the same title, author Diane Robbins continues to share her passion for art, teaching and children with the recent publication of Book 2 of Time Saving Art Projects for the Busy Teacher.
Quick & Healthy Low-fat, Carb Conscious Cooking is enhanced with easy to follow low-fat menus, detailed nutritional analysis for each recipes, tips for trimming fat and sodium from a diet, a listing of foods and their fiber content, conventional and microwave directions, time saving ideas, weight loss and exercise tips, and "Products Worth Trying".