time stretch

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have stolen the best of my traps, and driven me altogether to make-shift inventions, which might foretell a dreary winter for me, should my time stretch into another season.
This will put less strain of your lower back but at the same time stretch your thigh muscles.
The Doctor and his time-travelling have made the walls of space and time stretch thin, and now monsters beyond imagination are planning to break through and wreak havoc upon the Earth and the youngsters need to be prepared.
He discusses how to work with loops and beats and virtual instruments, including drum machines, synthesizers, and samplers; how to bring files into Pro Tools, preview and audition files, search for them, relink missing files, import from a CD, and work with REX and ACID files; how to work with and edit clips and loops; and how to use Beat Detective and time stretch.
In this simulation, minutes of computer time stretch into billions of years on a galactic time scale.