time worn

See: antique
References in classic literature ?
Prithee, Partridge, wast thou ever susceptible of love in thy life, or hath time worn away all the traces of it from thy memory?
The 26-year-old American pop diva had at that time worn a traditional Thai headdress and a bikini and sat on a motorcycle with a Thai flag tied to it.
The time worn RAF service maxim "Extract the digit" surely applies.
When I started at work, the then 'old timers' were the last ones to don a bowler hat, and there was even a brown one seen from time to time worn by a certain surveyor.
For example, she has had to convince some clients not to replace time worn but charming things like antique wooden baskets with store-bought plastics.
Sandi Stuart, Executive Vice President, Cherokee, said, "Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic products are unique because they have the allure of time worn objects and the appeal of simple, practical living.