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Attorneys David Hryck and Brian Andreoli, specialists in international tax law, analyze time-honored techniques for taking advantage of low-tax foreign jurisdictions like Switzerland and Ireland.
Carioca is the familiar term for inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro and an adjective associated with time-honored manifestations of Brazilian popular culture like Carnival and the samba.
When the girls' basketball team at Winter Springs High School in central Florida needed to raise $1,600 last spring for new lockers, the teens trashed the time-honored car wash plan.
To keep track of over 3000 items in their aisles of materials inventory, they designed a storage and recording system modeled on the time-honored Dewey decimal system used in libraries--three numerals, a dot, two more numerals, another dot, and three final numerals.
Analytical chemistry is the time-honored way to monitor pulp quality, but laboratory testing is laborious, and online techniques for monitoring quality can often deliver the results more quickly to those who need the information.
It will realty bole down to the time-honored problem of "teaching old dogs," but it can be done.
Details zeros in on rock's time-honored staples of love fulfilled, love betrayed, and love in doubt.
The Hippocratic Oath is not the only time-honored school of ethical and moral thought to be discarded because of inflexibility.
"We believe our upcoming Annual Conference, which will be a unique blend of exciting new features and some proven, time-honored ones, will be very worthwhile for a vast majority of administrators," Tellis-Nayak says.
While the Met's season is devoted in general to full-evening works, mostly time-honored, and occasionally time-worn, classics, City Center's is given over to a more varied, and potentially more adventurous, repertoire.
Most of them serve the time-honored role of filling in gaps or adding specific details.
Why would anyone concerned about the environment want to replace the time-honored and environmentally sound practice of recycling natural wood products for mulch--which not only helps the soil retain moisture, but provides nutrients as the material degrades, reduces soil compaction, and encourages insect populations essential to healthy soil?

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