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The AirMedia app can be silently deployed to personal computers across the enterprise a tremendous time-saver. It also ensures that everyone in the organization is ready and able to connect to any approved AirMedia device with a single mouse click.
Through video, vending unit descriptions and applications, and success stories, the new knowledge site offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about how MiVending can be a big money- and time-saver for any facility that uses industrial supplies.
If you're doing a lot of repetitive work, you'll love this system; it's a big time-saver.
And for smart repairs this product is a real time-saver as it enables many bonding jobs to be undertaken without fixtures.
It comes in five colours (White, Black, Dark Brown, Dark Green and Silver) and not only gives bare and previously painted metal six years of protection against rust, it can also be applied straight onto rust, so it's a real time-saver.
It's designed to make people's life easier by being a genuine time-saver, both for purists and newcomers to the sport.
But this guide can be a valuable time-saver even for advanced developers who need to find an advanced setting and get out fast.
71% described real time as a "significant time-saver for staff."
It highlights where technology can really be a time-saver when implemented correctly."
"The court ruling is a small victory and time-saver for Apple.
The app, which was test-marketed in New York in October before a national rollout last month in 6,800 Starbucks-owned shops, has been a huge time-saver for subway train operator Todd Murrell.
"This would be a good idea and could be a time-saver if everyone knew about the system, but not everyone knows," said Hani Abdullah, a Saudi trying to open a business.

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