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Mark Owens, Links of London's Brand Director, stated that, "The Timeless Collection by Links of London is very exciting for us and highly appropriate in celebrating our first 25 Years.
NICKY CLARKE British Hairdresser of the Year Winner: Ultimate timeless hairstyle: "As much as I NICKY CLARKE British Hairdresser of the Year Winner: 1994 Ultimate timeless hairstyle: "As much as I admire signature looks like Anna Wintour's bob, for me, a freer, movable haircut works better.
Crown CEO Chuck Bentley announced the official launch of CROWN CONNECT, which will provide timeless truths and current financial advice and tools through an online site that will connect through any chosen computer or mobile device.
The Latino blues rockers from Los Angeles, with their penchant for eclectic cover songs and brilliantly composed and executed original material, has a timeless quality about them.
Occasional sidebars offer minutiae, anecdotes, or historical tidbits about various photographs, but most pages of Timeless are dedicated entirely to the images themselves.
I think of her as glamorous in that kind of timeless movie star way, but she can be grungy in this very cool 90s way.
Those who have been keeping an eye on Milan Fashion Week and womens fashion clothes in general will have noticed a lot of lightweight, floaty dresses that are geared towards helping those with a thriftier approach to fashion in challenging financial times discover a timeless sense of style.
The musical extravaganza will feature all of its famous musical classics including the timeless floor-filler, The Time-Warp.
IT'S early days but Timeless Festival could be back.
Washington, Aug 19 (ANI): Socialite Kim Kardashian is said to be opting to go with a darker and timeless hairstyle on her wedding day.