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Good innovators know when something is going to fail the timelessness test.
Set in the 1920s, there are few actual details of the decade so there is a sense of timelessness to the story.
The most beautiful aspect of art is its timelessness. Because of art, I will always view the world differently.
timelessness of a fond memory in his new limited-edition collection of
Archaeologists from Europe and the US consider such topics as theorizing scale and change in human history from moments to millennia; deep time, history, and the human-hominin imagination; an archeology of the body in Amazonia; how humans historicize water as water historicizes them; and ritual, timelessness, and lived experience in the Pueblo world.
This ballad shows the timelessness of her performance.
Raja Changez Sultan's work is linked in its various moods by a sense of timelessness, a fantasy that remains to haunt the viewer's memory.
Aside from the glamour she exuded on screen, she is remembered for both her personality and timelessness.
What McWilliam most importantly took to his own expression was this deep dedication to the vessel form, to timelessness and to beauty.
Nowhere is the timelessness of Italian society better demonstrated than in Serie A - otherwise known as the land that time forgot.
Anderson situates Good Goods in the "timelessness" that she sees in many Southern cities, and calls her setting 'the side pocket of America." As director Tina Landau tackles this mysterious collage of voodoo, history and survival, the adventuresome Anderson wonders how far audiences will follow her: "Will logic hold them back?"
"Cesar embodies Armani's distinctive style which has always been elegance, mastery and timelessness," said a spokesperson, adding "he carries out Armani's belief that makeup is a part of the fashion world; makeup expresses a woman's femininity making her irresistible and creating a magnetic quality adding mystery and intrigue." Salam store's group retail manager, Feras Owaidat said: "This is a special moment for Salam store.