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It is this conception of time that Johnson's novel critiques; the novel insists on the link between force and abstract timelessness by presenting the flip side of the sublime aesthetic timelessness at work in the symphony.
Best known for his social-realist commentaries on daily life, his works are nofable for their pervading Hopper-esque sense of melancholy and timelessness.
Faded fabrics and natural materials, such as mellowed wood and stone, all create a sense of timelessness and give the impression of buildings and furnishings that have been there forever.
Vichy arguments of biological destiny were intended as natural and apolitical but, as Muel-Dreyfus shows, they formed an explicitly political "astrology of history" (316), in examples such as the promotion of Mother's Day, whose pretenses to timelessness recall the "invented tradition" discussed in a broader context by Eric Hobsbawm.
Your movements may take on a quality of timelessness.
Though attuned to the formalities of genre and alert to the timelessness of literary emotion, as to the idiosyncrasies of poetic ex pression, Martines argues that literature nonetheless testifies to a particular time and place, and so makes a proper subject for historical inquiry.
The divine timelessness position is fraught with misrepresentations, non sequiturs, and inept arguments.
THE aim with a Japanese-style garden is to create a mood of timelessness and tranquillity of balancing opposites and avoiding symmetry.
The sepia tonality gives the portrait a sense of timelessness.
Timelessness pervades life at Le Lame villa, one of 1,700 rural bed and breakfasts that is also on one of the cheese-producing cooperative estates (near Salsomaggiore Terme in green, hilly, western Emilia).
Even after 15 years, Desert Hearts has a timelessness thanks to its period setting, vintage Western wardrobes and furnishings, old-fashioned editing techniques, and the omnipresent country-and-western standards pouring out of casinos, cars, and home radios.
A superb musical score also adds to the timelessness and genuine terror felt by the audience.