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Existing or taking place within the designated period; seasonable.

A legal action is timely filed, for example, when it is brought within the time period set by the Statute of Limitations.

The meaning of the term timely must, in a number of situations, be determined on the basis of the facts and circumstances of each individual case. Courts have extensive discretion in determining whether a particular party has acted in a timely manner in filing papers, serving notices, or bringing motions in a legal action.

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adj. within the time required by statute, court rules or contract. Example: a notice of appeal is required to be filed within 60 days of the entry of judgment, so a notice filed on the 61st day is not "timely."

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Articles are judged based on the applicability to the readership, timeliness and originality.
Looking at 133 airports all over the world, AirHelp used a combination of flight data and customer input, ranking each airport based on timeliness (60%), quality of service (20%) and availability of food and shops (20%) for travelers.
The USDA, which administers the food stamp program, sent the Illinois Department of Human Services a letter stating that the state agency has until April 21 to significantly improve timeliness or develop an effective strategy to make it happen, the Chicago Tribune has reported.
As to the first timeliness factor, the point to which the suit has progressed, nothing suggests that this suit has progressed beyond the time period in which Polli may file a motion to intervene.