timely care

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This bipartisan bill will do just thatstreamlining processes across state lines that allow kids with complex medical conditions to receive the timely care they need, Bennet said.
We have new and expanded units, such as our Rapid Assessment Units and Comprehensive Older Persons Assessment Unit, which provide more timely care to targeted groups of patients.
Improving quality of services and timely care during and after childbirth must be prioritized.
This places additional pressures on the service to deliver timely care for patients.
Our staff are working incredibly hard to provide safe and timely care, but clearly these aren't the circumstances we'd want patients to be in and we apologise to all patients who have been affected.
Interpreta's analytical engine continuously interprets clinical and genomics data in real-time to create a personalised patient roadmap and orchestrate timely care.
Often these barriers to practice raise cost and delay timely care delivery.
Janairo said the tests are needed so health workers could 'provide timely care and treatment.
He told the association's annual conference in Kilkenny that the focus on staying within budget means safe and timely care is being put second.
The surveys also assessed barriers that may stand in the way of providing timely care to veterans.
And it must have the health care providers necessary to ensure it is able to provide quality and timely care.