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On the other hand, in the case of meatiness or pterygium, the specialist indicated that it is essential to provide timely care because those who suffer from it are in danger of losing vision if they are not treated.
And arguably the main issue at the forefront of their minds is whether they can depend on good and timely care in an emergency, when they will be at their most vulnerable.
Interpreta's analytics engine continuously updates, interprets, and synchronizes clinical and genomics data, creating a personalized roadmap and enabling the orchestration of timely care. Its real-time insights provide physicians, care managers, and payers with patient-specific guidance needed for quality improvement, clinical prioritization, population management, and precision medicine.
He added: "The trust needs to work with partner agencies so it can improve patient flow from the emergency departments through its hospitals and to ensure people can get the timely care in an appropriate environment that they should be able to expect to receive.
"Our inspectors found that a number of improvements were needed in the trust's urgent and emergency services to ensure the department is delivering safe, effective and timely care to patients.
They said the WHO, which had been facing the problem of the drug customs clearance in Pakistan for two years, was pushing the relevant authorities for necessary action to ensure the provision of timely care to the people needing emergency medicines.
Our strategic partnership with GE Healthcare will give our clinicians access to the most cutting-edge medical imaging systems which will ensure that patients continue to receive timely care that is of the highest standard.
"We want to deliver timely care to patients, in the early stages of illness, to avoid conditions getting worse, when they can be both more distressing for patients, and more costly for the NHS," she said.
The program also personalizes and delivers timely care messages and how-are-you-doing surveys that guides patients in their health and wellness journey post-discharge from a hospital after their cardiac procedure.
Give patients access to timely care: The most costly form of health care is health care that does not work.
CEO, IGHDS Dr Jamil Ahmed Shakeel called for improved psychiatry syllabus at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and said that the lives of depressed and psychiatric patients could be saved by providing them timely care.
Drawing on the cumulative experience of an executive leadership team with an average of 20 years in all areas of workers' compensation, PCS has created unique, pro-active solutions to mitigate risk, create operational efficiencies and reduce costs while providing compassionate, exceptional, and timely care to the injured worker.