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The disciplines of impersonal duty and unthinking conformity, timeserving, and self-sacrifice associated with the employee role--even that of manager--stifle such expression and thereby drain EE.
2) But they themselves are supported by a rearguard of fellow travelers, a far more numerous academic group whose defining characteristic is not fanaticism but timeserving timorousness.
Luisa is a sexy actress in her forties, and her lover Bergman is a clever, timeserving architect.
Though liberal arts colleges don't acknowledge it in the snazzy brochures they express-mail to high school seniors, many elements of all but the best institutions--the modest franchises, the flimsy finances, the self-preservationist instincts of timeserving faculty--subvert the visionary claims historically made on behalf of higher education.
And crikey, one or two spats aside, the Executive was shaping up to be a lot more useful dealing with the nitty gritty of life than all the government ministers of the last 25 years did, timeserving timewasters some of them were.
With lawmaking powers of sorts about to arrive, and with concerns that 60 AMs will not be enough for the increased workload, there should be no space for timeserving mediocrities and worse.