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Many algorithms have been deliberated on the timetabling problem.
The educational timetabling can be divided into school timetabling and university timetabling which comprises of course timetabling and examination timetabling.
During the last decade, there have been several algorithms to solve examination timetabling problems.
This includes the provision of timetabling, scheduling, planning and space management software solutions.
University exam timetabling problem is modeled as an optimization problem
The Examination Timetabling problem is a combinatorial problem that commonly arises in Universities: One has to schedule a certain number of examinations in a given number of time slots in such a way that no student is involved in more than one exam at a time.
Different variants of the timetabling problem have been proposed in the literature, which differ from each other based on the type of constraints and objectives involved.
ORR chief executive Bill Emery said: "NR has a duty to run an effective timetabling system.
The potential of agent technology and multi-agent systems in the area of timetabling was recognized in the last decade.
The next example of agent based solution model for timetabling is the work of Yang (Yang et al.
In this paper we present the negotiation based distributed timetabling system.
The timetabling of the class, which left Mondays and Fridays for my own scholarly work, provided the necessary extra time to research and present this class.