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These oversized LED fixtures are constructed with a series of steel rods, and the Plaster White finish adds to the sculptural timeworn effect.
Reclaimed materials were used in the design, including a bar area constructed with old house bricks from a previous project, and timeworn scaffolding boards that have been sanded and polished to a beautiful finish.
Women irked by Indian soap's timeworn stories say that they are not desirous to watch the serials.
This trinity of timeworn ghosts exists in the distentio animi
His aesthetic might be akin to that of a renegade cowboy, complete with torn vintage comics, Polaroid photographs, found wood panels, scorched canvases and other timeworn ephemera.
Boomtown recognized that it needed to replace its timeworn system with a more flexible, modern option, in order to deliver a more personalized experience to guests with real-time information.
A fine example is his painting of a cockle woman who used to frequent the streets of Morriston in Swansea, her face weathered and timeworn.
I REMAIN absolutely unimpressed by Mrs Watson's letter regarding our timeworn national anthem.
Introduction of LMIS for reproductive health commodities and vaccines at district and sub district level have completely diverted the timeworn behavior of manual reporting of field staff into automated system enabling the senior management to monitor last mile data on click of a button.
Invariably, in countering anti-gun messages, we default to timeworn, often trite slogans and pro-gun catch phrases.
Iran is tasked to add 80 to 90 airplanes to the fleet each year until 300 new ones are in place to renew its timeworn fleet," Deputy Head of the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran (CAO) Mohammad Khodakarami said.
To me that's an example of using technology innovation to re-skin a timeworn economic model.