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Prime Minister Imran Khan's use of these loaded terms at a briefing on Wednesday about state-run media may have been innocuous enough, reiterating a generic, timeworn script, or it could indicate the government's intention to nudge state-run media towards more conventional programming.
Challenging timeworn conventions of karate training and revealing the original intent of classical kata (or forms) through detailed descriptions of self-defense applications known as bunkai, Hopkins draws upon his years of research, experience and expertise in "The Kata and Bunkai of Goju-Ryu Karate: The Essence of the Heishu and Kaishu Kata" to create a crucial addition to any dedicated martial-arts library.
'We have to walk this side of the road reserved for Muslims,' I'm warned when ascending the steep timeworn yet robust stairs to Ibrahami Mosque.
He made the Hotshots finalists in the PBA's preeminent tournament - the Philippine Cup - with a talent-laden lineup who bought into his defensive mentality and his timeworn "grinding game" and "48 minutes of basketball."
These beautiful timeworn clocks represent the best in people coming together."
An array of timeworn Bible specimens are also displayed, representing faith traditions from Samaritan and Catholic to Coptic and Romanian Orthodox.
There, among the craggy rock cliffs and glacial ponds of timeworn mountains, three friends?
Pacific Strife follows in the venerable if perhaps timeworn footsteps of traditional diplomatic history, relying exclusively on European language sources such as parliamentary minutes, government memoranda, international treaties, and newspaper articles.
Those heroes' names were literally falling off the timeworn memorial as it had deteriorated over more than seven decades.
Making the best of timeworn material, Crowe creates a divided antihero much more engaging than the moth-eaten CGI cadavers that are Ahmanet's evil minions.
New talent pressures intensify these timeworn tensions between executive and broad-based talent needs today.
These oversized LED fixtures are constructed with a series of steel rods, and the Plaster White finish adds to the sculptural timeworn effect.