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For some, it could be something as simple as the smell of family recipes handed down through generations and served only on Thanksgiving, or they could be timeworn tales that traverse decades of oral history.
DeViedma continued: "Within our small company's means, Health Robotics will continue to monitor the global IV Robotics market and to continue reporting to the general public on such instances where our competitors either challenge Public Tender decisions, or alternatively attempt to market their timeworn products by trying to avoid public scrutiny, offering incentives and compensation to hospital pharmacists' to purchase IV Robots without due diligence, as has been the case with IHS/RIVA and Loccioni/APOTECAchemo in a number of recent instances in the United States.
It] is a gorgeous, heartwarming reminder of the power of fate and an echo of the timeworn motherly advice that love could be just around the corner, and that it will come when you least expect it.
This, of course, brings us to the timeworn conundrum of quality versus quantity, two things that go together only infrequently despite the best efforts to ensure otherwise.
In the context of seamless digital culture, Borruso's collages are notable both for being handmade and for their timeworn source material (indeed, the collection and archiving of vintage books, magazines, and ephemera must be a foundational aspect of the artist's process).
No telling what you'll uncover at the Chelsea Antiques collective: fine china, timeworn farm tables, old musical instruments.
Our timeworn tinsel and recycled icicles went on the tree followed by ornaments.
The government's timeworn refrain that restrictions and control are necessiary to protect Algerian nationals from instability and insecurity no longer holds water.
As Greece and others face crises, the medicine du jour is simply timeworn austerity packages and privatization, which will merely leave the countries that embrace them poorer and more vulnerable.
Our countries have spent decades being prisoners of a timeworn lexicon in politics, economics, education, and the media.
He reached that conclusion thanks to a timeworn strategy: when marketing a new development, one of the first things he does is chat with visitors at open houses.