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The fact is," hazarded D'Artagnan, timidly, "I did not see the handkerchief fall from the pocket of Monsieur Aramis.
But don't you think," the elder Miss Williams suggested timidly, "don't you think, Mrs.
But," said Cecily timidly, "that will leave out Peter and the Story Girl and Sara Ray, just as if they didn't have a share in it.
I should like to buy an egg, please,' she said timidly.
How confidently did my dream contemplate this finite world, not new- fangledly, not old-fangledly, not timidly, not entreatingly:--
Timidly, but as if impelled by an irresistible force, he reached out a shaking hand and let it rest for a moment on her bright hair.
Of course I'm sorry about the duty I forgot, Aunt Polly," she apologized timidly.
I don't look down on it at all," said Konstantin Levin timidly.
Yes," she said, looking timidly towards the doorway, where Nikolay Levin had reappeared.
Even when their eyes had met, and her sister had approached the bed, Louisa lay for minutes looking at her in silence, and suffering her timidly to hold her passive hand, before she asked:
said Louisa, as her young sister - timidly still - bent down to kiss her.
As he glanced timidly up, and met the Jew's searching look, he felt that his pale face and trembling limbs were neither unnoticed nor unrelished by that wary old gentleman.