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Since the year 2000 up to the year 2013 the EU issued 52,183 new rules which the UK timidly adopted but Norway only adopted 4,700 of these rules.
Timidly trying to appease some mythical Daily Mail reader has highlighted Cameron as found wanting when real leadership is required.
Newcastle went down timidly to a 2-0 Barclays Premier League defeat after right-back Daryl Janmaat had been sent off four minutes before half-time for two bookable offences.
Everybody needs to respect the UN resolution on Yemen, however, we see that the Houthis are behaving timidly to implement such decisions," he said.
But it was clearly something more than the progression of "hello" to "yo" or "hi" and I timidly asked, "What's all this 'durka, durka' stuff?
However his arrival date was advanced for yesterday and to the disappointment to the waiting scribes he left timidly without meeting them.
We started too timidly in the first leg; if we do the same tomorrow it will be very dangerous.
He lashed out at Badal for timidly keeping quiet on this crucial issue.
At the same time, Brunetti's boss timidly asks him to look into whether or not the mayor's son's fiancee, part owner of a store, is evading taxes or paying bribes to tax officials.
Natalie Burch, operations manager at Howard Park Wines, said that the timidly named Wine Chapel would complement their cellar door operation to offer specialised tastings to as many as 20 guests.
Pregnant Tracyanne manages to timidly announce tonight is the "album launch party".