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But it's that timidness which will ensure TV3 does have a chance of fighting Fair City in the ratings and potentially winning.
No doubt he was pleasant and very courteous, but rather indefinite and he stretched out a limp hand that gave you a sense of his insecurity and timidness.
(7) asakng keding: the SEIC is small; dispiritedness, timidness; disloyalty; unfaithfulness, e.g.
In his comment on Operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya, Passy contrasted Bulgaria's current "timidness" as part of the Western club to its role in previous international military operations a not only the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the NATO air strikes against the Milosevic regime in Serbia in 1999 but also Bulgaria's support for the UN-mandated operation against the regime of Saddam Hussein in Kuwait and Iraq in 1991.
"'No' in the sense that coming at such critical juncture the budget fails to bring any path breaking initiatives, it shows certain timidness on the tax front on both direct and indirect taxes areas, for example, the DTC while announced still fails to include all provisions into it and while there was mention of GST roadmap a number of times, no clear timelines still emerges.
The main reason for the failure was seen as Netanyahu's timidness or unwillingness to confront the right-wing elements within his coalition government who have lately come up with proposals that some Palestinians saw as "another stage of ethnic cleansing." Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, leader of the ultra-rightist group, Yisrael Beitenu (Israel is our home), is now insisting on a shift in the long-held principle of the peace talks which, he explained "must not be land for peace, but an exchange of land and people."
Women are commonly believed to have more communal qualities (expressiveness, connectedness, relatedness, kindness, supportiveness, timidness) whereas men are associated with more agentic qualities (independence, aggressiveness, autonomy, instrumentality, courage).
Even though the children were initially reluctant to brave a smile and accept our skin colour, their timidness was short-lived and they soon warmed to our affection.
The same timidness is shown when it comes to Iraq and America's reckless adventure there.
This is the phase where indecision, timidness, and doubt can cause him to make a fatal error.
My skit portrayed the Enlightenment as it was, a time devoted to questions and also the timidness to ask those probing questions....