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In one "concept," East Timor would get 70 percent if the gas is piped to the tiny country.
Timor Telecom has been using SES Networks Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) services for the past few years for international connectivity.
19) UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan emphasized the responsibilities of the international community in investigating and punishing those responsible for rights violations and to "help safeguard the rights of the people of East Timor, promote reconciliation, [and] ensure future social and political stability".
East Timor is Asia's youngest nation and one of the poorest.
East Timor agrees and recognizes that there are plenty more preparations to be had before it can fully join ASEAN,'' he said.
1) With no history of Canadian missionary presence in East Timor, there was no Timor-linked missionary pressure on Ottawa to change its policies.
On 7 December, nine days after the Democratic Republic of East Timor was declared an independent nation, it was invaded and occupied by Indonesia in an act that was widely condemned for its brutality.
East Timor is a Connecticut-sized, half-island nation near the eastern end of the Indonesian archipelago.
CMATS also allows Australia to develop other undersea oil and gas reserves in previously contested areas, and Timor-Leste foregoes its right to a maritime boundary until all Timor Sea petroleum has been extracted and sold.
The fifteen-year-old boundary--drawn up long before East Timor was a country--gives the bulk of the seabed to Australia.
Since 1999, Australia has been receiving $1 million each day from areas in the Timor Sea with disputed ownership.
The Timor Sea dispute is driven by conflicting claims around where a maritime boundary should be placed between Australia and East Timor.