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In one "concept," East Timor would get 70 percent if the gas is piped to the tiny country.
Timor Telecom has been using SES Networks Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) services for the past few years for international connectivity.
The UN Security Council Resolution 1272 created the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) in August 1999 to build new institutions and obliged it to ensure that "those [persons] responsible for such violence be brought to justice" and "bear individual responsibility" for their past crimes.
East Timor is Asia's youngest nation and one of the poorest.
Natalegawa said East Timor's admission will probably not take place this year.
East Timor's history as a Portuguese colony shaped its religious and Cultural character, but the lusophone Catholic presence affected mostly elite groups, existing as surface appearance alongside continued non-Catholic indigenous practices.
East Timor, regarded as Asia's poorest country, has been pushing to have the LNG export terminal built on its shores to boost its local economy.
Famous for its sandalwood, Timor was initially colonised by the Portuguese during the 16th century.
So tough, in fact, that last April some 8,000 demonstrators took to the streets of Dili, East Timor's capital.
CMATS also allows Australia to develop other undersea oil and gas reserves in previously contested areas, and Timor-Leste foregoes its right to a maritime boundary until all Timor Sea petroleum has been extracted and sold.
The fifteen-year-old boundary--drawn up long before East Timor was a country--gives the bulk of the seabed to Australia.
Since 1999, Australia has been receiving $1 million each day from areas in the Timor Sea with disputed ownership.