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It might have been different had Jacques Maghoma - who to be fair was far from timorous - been able to beat Allan McGregor with a couple of early shots, but once Meyler started feeding his rampant wingers it was a decidedly uncomfortable 20 minutes for the visitors.
Timorous and weak-willed, Chrysothemis is a foil to Elektra, and soprano Check played her as such, while also nailing some dead-on high B-flats.
Take Ercol's Blotch Studio Couch, which was designed in collaboration with the renowned Glasgow-based fabric and wallpaper studio Timorous Beasties.
Too often in the past, government spokespersons - where they have been found to be available when journalists call - have been hardly communicative, too timorous and like the McLaren F1 race car, lacking in speed of response to the opposition.
The author, Professor Colin Pask of the University of New South Wales campus in Canberra, is speaking to an audience perhaps not terminally phobic about mathematics but at least rather timorous about it.
I would also like to say to whoever feels far from God and from the church, to whoever is timorous or indifferent, to whoever thinks they are no longer able to change: The Lord also calls you to be part of his people and he does so with great respect and love
South Ossetia and timorous mediation of the West, in fact, meant that the West seems to be inclined to recognize South Caucasus an area
Not only were the cancerous cells killed off, but so were the adjacent cells, which may also be prone to timorous behaviour," said Seluanov.
Sometimes regimes do want to eliminate entire nations or races, and they will do so if they have the means and opportunity and face a timorous or disbelieving world.
Only, the news of unity between Iran and Egypt will make timorous and coward Zionists prefer to escape rather than to stay in the region," Ahmadinejad noted.
But this has long been the Toyota way: conservative, even timorous design paired with boffo build-quality and value.
Timorous Beasties, a Glasgow-based partnership renowned for their distinctive interior design products, are showing a chair upholstered with White Moth All Over, and Ismini Samanidou is showing textiles created using abstract manipulated photographic imagery weaved on a computerized loom.