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To react too timorously to every anticipated situation of pressure could well negate the principles underlying the Freedom of Information Act.
The Viz 30th Birthday Ball took place on Monday at Jesmond watering hole As You Like It and at 8pm there was a queue of timorously punctual people outside.
I lie still for a few seconds as I timorously check my startled body for damage.
They were asking questions about the GPA and they thought it is not working, yet everything we were asked to do under the GPA we have done and timorously even," said Mugabe, referring to the power sharing deal or Global Political Agreement.
SIR - Your report, "Public sector wage deals 'may face 10 years of constraint'", March 18) included a quote from a senior civil servant, who, rather timorously, chose to hide under a cloak of anonymity, suggesting that the pay of WAG civil servants would be frozen next year.
There was the preposterous importance Sky attached to the next live match, groin strain or rumoured transfer, with the rest of the media slavishly following suit, timorously concerned they'd appear out-of-touch.
We are a country in which traffic wardens fine disabled drivers for inadvertently displaying their disabled badges upside down; councils fine householders for mistakes when recycling rubbish; police resources on the one hand are massively concentrated on catching errant motorists with the help of expensive gadgets of ever bewildering description and, on the other, timorously issue cautions and on-the-spot fines for serious offences hitherto within the domain of our courts, in order to manipulate crime statistics.
The administration timorously ducked behind the White House podium, indicating that everything was just peachy.
Few pieces are more popular than Vaughan Williams' Lark Ascending, played elegantly, though slightly timorously, by the young violinist Priya Mitchell.
He also was a patriot who rejected office in an administration of his own party of which he did not approve, who risked ridicule in defending the rights of colonial peoples, and who did not fear to criticize those in power for acting either rashly or timorously, particularly in foreign affairs.
Soon enough, the day would come when your kid would timorously inquire about takin' it for a spin, and you'd casually toss him the keys without a second thought.
(69) This group eventually came down timorously in favour of whittling away at rpm by referring all cases progressively to the MC.