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These fundamentalists rely on the scientific illiteracy of the general public and the timorousness of politicians to promote theology over biology and piety over reason, in order to turn back the calendar to the age of faith, the age of theocracy--the Dark Ages.
11) Consistent with this impression of Venetian timorousness is Gratiano's later behavior.
If Millay sees the timorousness at the threshold of passion, the recalcitrant reserve at the heart of intimacy, she also sees the potential for grandeur in the most banal of erotic dalliances.
305 (1996); Manooher Mofidi, Prudential Timorousness in the Case Concerning East Timor (Portugal v.
With unusual timorousness Abu Daoud dispatches the story in a few lines.
Siegel is at his sharpest in describing the limitations of individual leaders -- the righteousness of John Lindsay, the cynicism of Ed Koch, the timorousness of David Dinkins, the laissez faire demagogy of Sam Yorty, and the complete abdication of responsibility by Marion Barry.
For all its learning, this study is largely paralysed by the browbeaten intellectual timorousness that pervades its strategies.
They feed on our post-Cold War indecisiveness and timorousness.
The timorousness of our big-time political players to express misgivings about some of his acts and decisions is palpable.
Whatever mode one chooses to discuss the wildness, desire, passion, bewilderment, terror, and arousal inherent in literature (and always present in any great literature), Americanist literary criticisms timorousness about the rapacity of our own literary output--the way we as critics continue to clean up and restrain what we read, even in studies that avowedly aim to do the opposite--remains a significant lapse in our practice.