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It is because on the whole, we often don't value speed, inexpensiveness, simplicity, and tininess. Our research indicates that all too frequently, we don't function this way because we are not looking for improvement in these dimensions.
In "The Fascination of the Miniature" (1984) Millhauser points out that this fascination has not only to do with the miniature's tininess but also with the fact that it is, unlike the gigantic, "without dread" (34).
And each character's tininess makes its feats utterly amazing--from the wee tightrope walker in a tutu who plummets to her death, to the romantic rendezvous that concludes with a ride in a spaceship reminiscent of the one in the film A Trip to the Moon (1902).
I had expected her to gain in height, attributing her tininess to the distant perspective of moments before, but it wasn't so.
Unfortunately, that tininess would make these dimensions undetectable with current methods.
(25.)It is interesting that she also wonders whether embracing symbols "of battle or victory, of hero or martyr" may simultaneously serve the opposite purpose, i.e., "to camouflage the tininess of my own life" (197).
Note that u-underflow is the situation where, due to an extraordinary denormalization loss (tininess), an error occurs (loss of accuracy) which exceeds the expected rounding error of 1/2 ulp of the computed result for round to nearest and of 1 ulp of the computed result for directed roundings.
The company's major challenge is the relative tininess of Portugal, with 10.1 million inhabitants and a gross domestic product just 8% that of France.
Note particularly the substantially smooth quality of the mid and upper bass, the gratifyingly slight magnitude of the stand-caused lower-midrange dip (250 Hz), the odd small peak around 600 Hz (which showed up consistently), and the tininess of the post-crossover peak at 4 kHz.